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Types Of Content To Consider In Your Strategy

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There are several types of content you can incorporate into your content strategy. One isn’t necessarily better than another. Whether it works for you will depend on execution, your audience, the topic and more. Here are a few you should consider using:

Blog posts. Blog posts can inform your audience about your products, answer your customers’ questions or tell your audience’s story. They also help build organic traffic and can keep audiences engaged long after they are published.

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Infographics. Informational graphics are a visual way to present complex information in an easy-to-scan image. Infographics lend themselves well to social media. Case studies. Case studies help illustrate how your products or services can specifically help your customers.

Videos. While they are not as easy to produce as other pieces of content, videos provide a lot of opportunities. It can make your business more personable. Plus, this is an area that customers want to see more of.

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