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Work With Your Team, Not Above Them

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Those with a high emotional quotient (EQ) have the ability to engage with their team and develop strong relationships – both key factors to good management. If you want to…

Types Of Content To Consider In Your Strategy

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There are several types of content you can incorporate into your content strategy. One isn’t necessarily better than another. Whether it works for you will depend on execution, your audience,…

Exemptions to the HOS Rules

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There are several exemptions to the HOS rules for commercial truck drivers. 30-minute break exception, Property-carrying commercial truck drivers must take a 30-minute break if at least eight hours have…

New Discovery Brings Analogue Spintronic Devices Closer

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The observation of nonlinearity in electron spin-related processes in graphene makes it easier to transport, manipulate and detect spins, as well as spin-to-charge conversion. It also allows analogue operations such…

Flexible and Powerful Electronics

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Researchers at the University of Tsukuba have created a new carbon-based electrical device, π-ion gel transistors (PIGTs), by using an ionic gel made of a conductive polymer. This work may…

New Phase for Synthetic Aperture Microscopy

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Microscopy is an essential tool in multiple research fields and industries, such as biology, medicine, materials science, and quality control, to name a few. Although many microscopy techniques exist, each…